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Furniture design, creation, and restoration


Based in Edinburgh, Mike and Cathy design, make, paint and upholster furniture.

Cathy takes commissions for traditional and modern upholstery projects.  Mike handcrafts wood and specialises in painting miniatures: commissions have ranged from tiny figurines to dollhouse restoration.

Cathy's own design, the 'Spirit of the Hebrides' is a chair that encapsulates the Isle of Lewis, the landscape she grew up within.  Mike hand-turns the whisky barrel to design and build its base.  Browse images that walk you through the chair being built.


The chair design won a design award upon its launch in 2020 and is now displayed in Lewis Castle, along with several Harris Tweed outlets in the Hebrides, and across Scotland.

To order a 'Spirit of the Hebrides' chair, please request a consultation when submitting your contact details (as size and tweed are unique to each owner).   For all other projects, please feel free to include images using WhatsApp when sending your contact details.

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